The origin of tea dates back to centuries ago. Legend has it that tea drinking can be traced back to the reign of Chinese Emperor Chen Nung in 2737 BC. He was supposedly a scholar and herbalist, who discovered this delectable drink when he was sitting beneath a tree while his servant was boiling a pot of water. A few leaves from a tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) dropped into the pot of water. The eventual mix gave an excellent aroma, which he found to have a wonderful taste, when sipped.

Tea lovers fondly look to tea as the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Therefore, good quality tea is quite important to humanity. It is essential for the taste and aroma to be smooth when caressed with the tongue and soothing to the body. One of the most popular tea consumed around the world is the black tea variety. The most incredible property about black tea, is its relaxing nature. The quality of tea is therefore a very important consideration, when choosing the right tea. To some, the consumption of tea begins from the minute they wake up, while for most others, tea is served at all times regardless of the occasion. Sabah Tea is one of Malaysia’s most precious black tea blends. To ensure that we cater to all our consumers’ tea drinking preferences, Sabah Tea has produced a wide range of tea products so that everyone can enjoy the golden sip, just the way they like it.

Sabah Tea

Sabah Exotic Tea Package

Sabah Tea has since evolved with the new creative Sabah Exotic Tea package by blending the 100% pesticide free tea leaves with naturally grown flowers, spices and plants. This variation of tea is unique because of the “marriage” of each quality ingredient, making each package of Sabah Tea a delicious delight with a special feature.

There are 8 variations of the tea package and each variation serves different purposes depending on the ingredient added to it.

Tantalizing Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a plant grown in Malaysia and is commonly used to help the male libido as well as in treating hypertension. The high level of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) helps as an anti-oxidant enzyme to help rid free-radicals in our body. With this range of tea, one will be able to enjoy a sip of Sabah Tea while enjoying the goodness of Tongkat Ali.

Pacifying Pandan

The next flavour under the Sabah Exotic Tea range is the Pacifying Pandan, where our tea leaves are blended with Pandan leaves, which produces the most beautiful smell. Pandan leaves are commonly used in food preparation in Asia, for its fragrance. Pandan, when taken in moderation can help with heart ailments. Regular intake of this plant in moderation is able to prevent stroke and has diuretic functions (promote urination).

Amazing Agarwood

Tea made from agarwood leaves is rich in flavonoids which helps the body eliminate fat. It naturally improves body metabolism and contributes to a sense of general well-being. Agarwood tea is consumed for weight loss and as a detoxifying agent. It has a sweet, deep, and balanced fragrance.

Glamorous Geranium

This range is an exotic blend of Sabah Tea with the gorgeous geranium flowers. Geranium is typically thought to promote calmness and has positive effects on the female reproductive system. The Glamourous Geranium Tea is also known to help bring cheer to those who drink it. Hence, it is claimed to be beneficial for adults who are prone to have symptoms of being worried.

Classical Cinnamon

The Sabah Exotic Tea with Cinnamon is an absolute delight with biscuits or when simply drunk by itself. Cinnamon is an Asian spice known for its many health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels and in treating diarrhea. It is mildly carminative and is used to treat nausea and flatulence. We suggest one to add a little honey for an additional boost of taste and quality.

Guardian Ginger Tea

This Sabah Exotic Tea with ginger is another variety of this tea range. The ginger in the tea gives the tea a slightly strong taste and smell. Ginger or the Guardian as it is fondly called is useful in both preventing and treating various types of ailments, from runny nose and the common flu to increasing immunity. The Guardian Ginger Tea is well known for its medicinal values in maintaining the well-being of the human body.

Lovely Lemongrass

One of the newly introduced Sabah Tea exotic blends is with lemongrass. Lemongrass or citronella grass (Serai in Malay) is a tall perennial grass that is widely used as a herb in Asian cooking such as in making teas, soups, and curries, and for flavouring meat and seafood.  It has a pleasant citrus flavour. Research shows that lemon grass oil has anti-fungal properties and its molecule has anti-cancer properties.

Magnificent “Misai Kucing”

Another new addition to the exotic Sabah Tea blend is the Misai Kucing, the Malay word for “Cat’s Whiskers”. But no worries, these are not really Cat Whiskers that we are mixing in our tea, but a traditional herb known as Orthosiphon Stamineus in English. This herb is widely grown in Southeast Asia and is popularly consumed as herbal tea.  Herbalists believe that ‘misai kucing’ is good for addressing cholesterol, high blood pressure, and kidney and urinary problems since it has diuretic properties.